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MFTC is a brand known for quality products, completely customised to client specifications.

Naubahar ®

Naubahar is a trademark of Meskay & Femtee Trading Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (MFTC) Pakistan and it is registered trademark under relevant laws of Pakistan. It is a guarantee of top quality Basmati rice from the fields to your plate. Every mouthful promises to be exotically aromatic, scrumptious, a new beginning on your culinary rice journey.

The Naubahar range comprising of the Kainaat Inteha (Steamed), Premium Super Basmati, Super Biryani and Tehzeeb rice are top quality products processed and packed for your culinary pleasure. These products are available in 1kg, 5kg and bulk pack formats.

Kainaat Inteha (Steamed)

Due to its extra-long length, rich pearl white colour and aromatic grain, the 1121 Kainaat Inteha steamed rice is the preferred rice of many all over the world. It is available in 1kg, 5kg and bulk pack formats.

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Premium Super Basmati Rice

A highly desired, aged, aromatic and premium Super Kernel Basmati rice which is traditionally sourced from Punjab in Pakistan. It is available in 1kg, 5kg and bulk pack formats.

Super Biryani

Carefully blended to give all biryani lovers a memorable experience, we bring the Super Biryani to your plate. The blend of aged superior Basmati rice from Punjab is available in 1kg, 5kg and bulk pack formats.


This is a value pack for the more price conscious rice consumers. It is a blend of rice from the Punjab Basmati family and is available in 1kg, 5kg and bulk pack formats.