At MFTC is built on our firm understanding of what resources we need and allocate them effective; from Infrastructure to Human Resources.


20 acres of prime industrial lands at Port Bin Qasim (North-Eastern Zone), Karachi, comprising of state-of-the-art milling and warehousing facilities. 15 acres of this land is used as two purpose-built warehouses, ventilated and clean.

Storage facilities and capacities

We have two purpose-built warehouses with a combined storage capacity of 80,000 to 95,000 MTs of raw material and finished goods. Additionally, we are in the process of installing Silos capable of storing up to 13,000 MTs; two of these silos are erected and operational and can store up to 4200 MTs each. The Dehsetiler silos are superior to conventional silos in terms of steel grade, design, structure, performance and durability. The silos are resistant to earthquakes, winds storms, other shocks and sudden changes in humidity.

We easily manage, monitor and control the storage of Semi Milled Rice, Milled Rice, Brown Rice and a variety of by-products; Our storage management systems allow us to easily store goods for short and long-term durations;

We have a strict internal policy on housekeeping and maintenance of all warehouse and production facilities;

  • Lots and stacks are closely monitored for condition of raw materials, spillage and other factors that may affect the quality of raw material
  • All storage areas are monitored on a daily basis for insect and other pest intrusions;
  • Required fumigation and pest treatment is carried out both internally and through reliable and reputable service providers; A complete record of the same is maintained;
  • Close monitoring and daily-housekeeping also helps manage
  • Ventilation;
  • Drainage (storm / spill drains / water traps)
  • Cleanliness and upkeep
  • Sanitation

Production technology and stock


Two rice processing mills with four state-of-art plants that are configured to deliver a total production capacity of 55 MTs per hour or 1320 MTs per day. Our facilities have the distinction of being one of the largest rice mills in Pakistan

Mill Plant Capacity Colour sorters Polishers Polisher (Top white) Polisher (High-Poly) Polisher (Muyong) Graders (Width) Graders (Length)
2 4 55 12 3 6 16 4 6 56

The cleaning section in each plant is configured with Drum Sieve, Pre-cleaner, De-stoner and Paddy Separator


A running stock of 40,000 MTs encompassing all varieties of rice

Process water

MFTC is one of three rice processing companies that have installed RO Plants in PQ/Eastern Zone for improving process water quality. The RO Plant provides clean potable water to the mill and also for drinking water for the staff.

Human Resources

Meskay & Femtee - Core Team

Mr. Wahid F. Tawawalla
Core Expertise: Flour Milling & Administration

Mr. Wahid Tawawalla, Chairman, is a graduate of Grain Milling Technology at Ipswich Civic College, City & Guilds, London, has and experience of more than 40+ years experience of grain milling in Pakistan. He is also an active philanthropist concentrating in poverty alleviation and increased health care services to the underprivileged.

Mr. Shahid Tawawalla

Mr. Shahid Tawawalla, is a visionary entrepreneur and CEO of Meskay & Femtee Trading Company (Pvt.) Ltd. He is a 27-year veteran of rice milling in Pakistan and has successfully managed to propel the company to great heights of success, securing various awards and recognitions of excellence since inception and being one of the Top Exporters of Pakistan”. Mr. Shahid Tawawalla is a perceptive businessman with phenomenal business acumen. He commands enormous respect in the rice trading community. He also provides Cultivation Advisory on agricultural commodities to the Government of Pakistan.

Mrs. Huma Darugar
Core Expertise: Banking, Trade Finance & Treasury Services

Mrs. Huma Darugar, Director, has experience of Banking, Trade Finance & Treasury Services, and holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Greenwich University brings to the company her richexperience of Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank in trade finance and treasury prior to being a part of MFTC.

Mr. Hussain Tawawalla
Director Operations

Mr. Hussain Tawawalla, Director Operations is responsible for the management and systems development of the MFTC rice milling operations of the Company. He holds MBA degrees in Physical Risk Management and General Management, and is a systems and management specialist with 34+ years of experience of industrial improvement and cleaner production programmes the rice, textile and leather industries in Pakistan. He has been a senior evaluator of industrial development programmes in Pakistan for the Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands for more than 20 years.

Our Staff

Our vision to grow sustainably is fuelled by a committed and competent team – fortifying itself with attention towards new technological learning and through the adoption of international best practices.

Exporting globally we leverage our presence through the work and strength of our energetic team. Skill and knowledge is a necessary ingredient that contributes towards our success. Each Staff member is trained on the purpose, content, implementation and monitoring of the Standard Operating Systems from the selection of raw material to shipment.