13th November 2020

Farmer Field Day at Wagan, Larkana

Activity Update

FFD Event Audience

A Farmer Field day (FFD) is an event usually organized by a producer to educate farmers in terms of new developments in the industry. In most cases, an FFD includes demonstrations, new management practices and highlights of the latest in research.

In this case, the FFD, hosted by Mr Imdad Ali Abbasi, aimed to showcase and educate farmers on the use of Hybrid Seed and the performance of Meskay & Femtee Trading Company (Pvt.) Ltd (MFTC)'s Naubahar Super 749 Hybrid Rice Seed. Special guests included Mr Imdad Ali Kaloro, Mr Jahangir Tunio and Mr Khalid Hussain Jatoi.

Furthermore, Mr Cho from Wuhang Qingfa Hesheng Seed Company gave a speech, translated by Dr Adnan Mushtaq of MFTC Agro Technologies. Dr Adnan then gave his speech concerning Agronomy (i.e. fertilizer usage and other farming inputs). All attendees were then invited to take a tour of the test fields to assess the performance of each seed variety on display.

The table below outlines the key differences between the Naubahar Super Hybrid 749 and other brands in terms of plant height, tiller count, panicle length and the number of grain per panicle.

Brand Height (ft) Tillers Panicle Length (in) # of Grain per Panicle
Naubahar 749 5 24-26 13-14 230-270
Others 4.5 22-24 8-11 250-300

The Hybrid Seed Advantage

FFD Event Audience

First, of, what is Hybrid Rice Seed? It is the product of two different species of rice bred together to enhance and combine the best qualities of each parent plant. However, this is easier said than done. The breeding process can be time consuming and expensive. Nonetheless, there are organizations around the world, such as the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) that specialize in researching rice and developing improved hybrid rice varieties.

In terms of advantages, most Hybrid Rice Seeds result in a more robust crop, more consistency in performance and greater yields. Furthermore, the hybrid seed is often designed to address specific problems that may arise during particular stages of the crop’s growth. For example, the Naubahar Anti-Lodging Hybrid Rice Seed is designed to result in a more vigorous, sturdier plant, thereby enabling quicker harvests and higher yields.

MFTC Agro Technologies

MFTC Agro Technologies, under the MFTC Agri Division, is a joint venture with Wuhan Qingfa Hesheng Seed based in China. MFTC Agro Technologies was one of the first companies to set up two private coarse-variety hybrid rice research centres in Districts Badin. MFTC Agro Technologies offers three varieties of Hybrid Rice Seeds namely Naubahar Super Hybrid, Naubahar Anti-Lodging and Naubahar Heat Resistant.

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