Since 2018 MFTC has backward engineered its supply chain and expanded operations to include seed import and production, farming, farmer extension services and mechanisation of land preparation, crop establishment, nutrient management, crop health management, harvesting, and post-harvest support. MFTC has invested heavily in understanding and building expertise in farm irrigation and drainage and is currently investing in developing its soil management expertise. All these efforts help reinforce MFTC's resolve to bring our customers consitent quality from farm to plate.

At MFTC our aim is to build a mutually beneficial relationship with the farmer; the main source of our products. With a dedicated unit, Mechanized Agricultural Operations (MAO) that rents out farming machinery and an expert team of professionals that provide agricultural extension services we are the perfect supply chain partner for our clients at all levels.

Furthermore, with over 8200 acres of land on lease for farming and 75 acres for seed production we aspire to become partners with our farmers. Partners that help them grow and prosper and in turn help us produce the finest quality products for our local and international customers.

With the farm to plate philosophy at the core, and an effort to incorporate every stage of the process within the fold of the company, MFTC has two paddy husking units of 10-ton capacity each at Larkana and Shikarpur. These husking units are state of the art Buhler plants.

Multiple Grain

Our procurement offices in the Sindh and Punjab provinces enable us to procure the best rice, guar, corn and wheat from the growing areas. Additionally, our dedicated procurement company Tabaar and the procurement department of the MFTC Guar Division, coupled with a strategic network of brokers and traders, are experts in consolidating grain from all over the country to provide consistent quality to the end consumer.


Tabaar specialises in direct purchase at farm, mill or farmer’s rice markets across the rice belts in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh in Pakistan. Given the versatility of processing in Pakistan, Tabaar procures and supplies un-milled and milled superior Pakistani Basmati, IRRI-6 and a multitude of hybrid rice grains. Tabaar can also efficiently supply all kinds of processed rice by-products.


Our procurement offices in the Sindh and Punjab provinces enable us to procure the best guar seed possible from the growing areas. Brokers and farmers provide us with only the best quality seeds for further processing. We ensure only the best quality seeds through strict quality control and supervision by tawashe's procurement officers.


The procumbent specialists at Tabaar fully appreciate the needs of flour millers and wheat exporters. This professional team prides itself in sourcing the best quality wheat to meet the industry’s processing need of timely availability of quality protein-enriched wheat, wherever required and in the quantities demanded.


The derivatives of corn are used widely in the cereal, beverage and snacks industries. Corn serves an essential part of our daily diet across many cultures of Pakistan and the world over. Tabaar takes pride in sourcing textured, graded, well-cleaned, and inspected corn that meets your specific needs, and we ensure the safe delivery of this commodity to your doorstep.


MFTC has 30 acres of industrial land at Port Bin Qasim (North-Eastern Zone), Karachi, comprising of state-of-the-art milling and warehousing facilities. Here, MFTC operates a total of 20 colour sorters, 18 DRPA polishers, 7 smart DRWD whitener, 4 top white polishers, 4 high-poly polishers, four Muyong polishers, Five width graders and 75 length graders distributed over two primary mill sites.

Furthermore, MFTC is the only Pakistani rice exporting company using Buhler S6 and A5 colour sorters and Carter Day length graders. Furthermore, the company achieves significant capacity gains through efficient operations which allow operation 1 to 2 MTs above rated capacities for each machine in the system.

MFTC also operates mills in upper Sindh, namely Shikarpur (9 acres) and Larkana (5 acres) each with 9,000 MTs storage units and designated Chinese hybrid rice cultivation areas spread over 13 acres. In Punjab, MFTC operates a mill which processes 200 MTs per day on 5 acres with 4,000 MTs storage.

MFTCs qualified inspectors superintend the milling processes at MFTCs state-of-the-art Mills; ensuring quality production. Processing MFTCs products under state of the art, international standard machinery to guarantee the same product each time. MFTC is the proud sole processor for the entire range of Basmati Rice by Jazaa Foods, a globally distributed high-end product series by the Late and famous Mr. Junaid Jamshed


MFTC began manufacturing Guar Splits in 2016 and now has the capacity for manufacturing fast hydrating and a food-grade Guar Gum, customised by Indian engineers, capable of processing 30 tons of Guar Gum per day. Our purpose-built mills and infrastructure allow us improve our milling techniques constantly. Considerable resources have been designated to milling research so that a consistent quality of guar splits and other such products can be obtained.


MFTCs products are packed in private labels as per the buyers demands or the requirements of our own in house brand Naubahar.


A dedicated packing and logistics team ensures the highest quality standards in packing as per the customer's specifications.

Multiple Grain

Meskay & Femtee Trading Company (Pvt.) Ltd has devoted 15 acres of the land at Port Bin Qasim as two purpose-built warehouses, ventilated and clean, with a combined storage capacity of 85,000 to 95,000 MTs of raw material and finished goods. Furthermore, MFTC keeps a running stock of 40,000 MTs encompassing all varieties.

The Dehsetiler, GSI and Obiyal silos are superior to conventional silos in terms of steel grade, design, structure, performance and durability and give MFTC an install base to store 50,000+ MTs of grain. The silos are resistant to earthquakes, winds storms, other shocks and sudden changes in humidity. MFTC expertly manages, monitors and controls the storage of Semi Milled Rice, Milled Rice, Brown Rice and a variety of by-products. MFTCs storage management systems allow us to easily store goods for both short and long-term.

At Dhabeji, District Thatta, with all amenities including a 8,000 MTs storage facility; Commercial plot at Port Bin Qasim

Multiple Grain

MFTC exports to over 140 destinations around the world, including countries in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe and the Americas (both North and South).Furthermore, the company exports quality rice to various government organisations such as COFCO International (Beijing) Ltd; the Ministry of Food – Government of Bangladesh, Ministry of Trade, Grain Board – Government of Iraq; the Philippines National Food Authority (NFA) and the Indonesian Bureau of Logistics (BULOG).

MFTC global presense

Moreover, apart from Rice, MFTC is one of the most significant accumulators of Wheat, Corn, Soya bean meal, Canola meal, Rapeseed meal and Guar Meal which is exported whenever feasible.


MFTC, in collaboration with the Wuhan Qingfa Hesheng Seed Company, invests in producing high grade and value hybrid seed to rice farmers. Through this joint-venture MFTC is amongst the leading companies to set up two private coarse-variety hybrid rice research centres. The first station is a 200-acre farm established in Taluka Golarchi in District Badin, an area known for its ideal rice seed production climate. The second is a 14-acre experimental research station installed in Lodra, District Shikarpur. MFTCs IQS398, IQS749 and IQS938 high-quality hybrid rice seeds are marketed under the trademark brand name of Naubahar.


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