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What We're About

Tracing its origins back to the British India era, Meskay and Femtee Trading Company (Pvt.) Limited (MFTC) carries a historical lineage dating back to its establishment by Mr. Fakhruddin Muhammad Ali Tawawalla in 1936. This lineage has steered various ventures including Pan Islamic Steamship Company Ltd, Digri Cotton Ginning & Pressing Factory (Pvt) Ltd, Mardi Metal Foundries, and Mercantile Fire & General Insurance Company Ltd.

Product Name

Today, MFTC stands as a preeminent food processing entity in Pakistan, an achievement borne out of decades of honing expertise in the realm of grains.

Endowed with the prestigious certifications of HACCP and ISO9001:2008, MFTC remains steadfastly committed to upholding the highest standards of quality. This commitment finds its basis in our state-of-the-art facility and a diligent workforce, both of which synergize to consistently enhance and perfect our product offerings.

Within our operational ecosystem, cutting-edge milling systems sourced from industry leaders such as Germany's Bühler and China's Muyang orchestrate a seamless transformation of grains into the finest quality rice, exemplifying precision and finesse. Boasting a processing capacity of 1320 metric tons per day, our rice mills stand as not only monumental in scale but also synonymous with operational efficiency.

Beyond the continuum of time, MFTC transcends conventional corporate narratives, embodying a saga of resilience, heritage, and a resolute pursuit of excellence.

Our Vision

Fostering the enhancement of livelihoods, the empowerment of communities, and the sustenance of the planet through cutting-edge and environmentally sustainable culinary experiences.

Our Mission

To deliver value through innovation employing the highest quality of standards. While sourcing the finest quality of rice and grains from our trusted farmers, we support our local communities and aim to strengthen local food markets.


Certified for Quality


Recognizing achievements

Under exceptional leadership, MFTC has rapidly ascended to the pinnacle of success, consistently garnering numerous awards and accolades while maintaining its prominent position as a leading exporter of Pakistani rice, commanding an impressive 8% market share of total rice exports from the country.

  • Prime Ministers Export Trophy for achieving Excellence in Rice Exports (2006-2007)
  • FPCCI Merit Exporter Award (2007 Dec)
  • FPCCI Best Export Performance Award (2007-2008)
  • Intertek Testing Services Trophy (2008)
  • REAP'S 4TH Export Trophy Award for Highest Export of Non-Basmati Rice (2009 June)
  • REAP'S 5TH Export Trophy Award for Highest Export of Non-Basmati Rice (2011 June)
  • Pakistan Fast Growth 25, Ranked 10th (2011)
  • Pakistan Fast Growth 100, WINNER (2012)
  • FPCCI Best Export Performance Award (2014-2015)
  • REAP Export Trophy for Being Highest Exporter of Non-Basmati Rice (2014-2015)
  • FPCCI Best Export Performance Award (2015-2016)
  • FPCCI Best Export Performance Award (2016-2017)
  • REAP Export Trophy for Being Highest Exporter of Non-Basmati Rice (2016-2017)
  • REAP Export Trophy for Being Highest Exporter of Non-Basmati Rice (2017-2018)
  • REAP Export Trophy for Being Highest Exporter of Non-Basmati Rice (2018-2019)


Joining Forces Together

As a company deeply committed to excellence and industry leadership, we take pride in our strong affiliations with prestigious organizations that reflect our dedication to quality, innovation, and responsible business practices.

  • Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (2-1-06-3782)
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry (69510)
  • Wheat Traders Association of Pakistan (FM/04/13)
  • Bin Qasim Association of Trade and Industry (OM-0078)
  • SAARC Chamber of Commerce and industry (SC-pak/047-70077 in individual capacity)


People Behind Success

"Get to know the talented individuals behind MFTC's success. Our team is comprised of passionate professionals who are dedicated to creating positive impact in the farming industry. Together, we work towards empowering farmers and communities through sustainable agriculture practices."

Mr. Wahid F. Tawawalla


Core Expertise: Flour Milling & Administration

Mr. Wahid Tawawalla serves as the Chairman of MFTC. He is a distinguished alumnus of Ipswich Civic College, City & Guilds, London, where he graduated with a specialization in Grain Milling Technology. With an illustrious career spanning over four decades, Mr. Tawawalla has amassed a wealth of experience exceeding 41 years in the domain of grain milling, positioning him as a seasoned authority in the field, particularly within the context of Pakistan.

Mr. Tawawalla's dedication extends beyond professional pursuits as he fervently engages in philanthropic endeavors. His philanthropic focus centers on alleviating poverty and enhancing healthcare provisions for marginalized communities. His proactive involvement in these initiatives underscores his commitment to social betterment and his unwavering dedication to the welfare of the underprivileged.

With an exceptional blend of academic accomplishments, extensive industry expertise, and a profound commitment to societal upliftment, Mr. Wahid Tawawalla has cemented his legacy not only as a distinguished professional, but also a devoted advocate for positive change.

Mr. Shahid Tawawalla


Visionary Entrepreneur

Mr. Shahid Tawawalla, an astute entrepreneur and the esteemed CEO of Meskay & Femtee Trading Company (Pvt.) Ltd., brings a wealth of experience as a 28-year veteran in the field of rice milling in Pakistan. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in propelling the company to remarkable heights of success since its inception. Under his guidance, the company has earned numerous prestigious awards and accolades for its commitment to excellence, and it proudly holds a distinguished position as one of the Top Exporters of Pakistan.

Mr. Shahid Tawawalla is renowned for his perceptive business acumen, earning him immense respect within the rice trading community. Beyond his corporate achievements, he generously contributes to the agricultural sector by providing invaluable consultation to the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC). This underscores his dedication to advancing agricultural commodities in the country.

As an esteemed industry expert, Mr. Tawawalla's multifaceted expertise continues to leave a significant impact, shaping and elevating both the agricultural and trade sectors in Pakistan and beyond. His commitment to excellence resonates throughout his diverse contributions, solidifying his prominent role in the industry.

Mrs. Huma Darugar


Core Expertise: Banking, Trade Finance & Treasury Services

Mrs. Huma Darugar, our esteemed Director, brings a wealth of expertise in Banking, Trade Finance, and Treasury Services to our company. She holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Greenwich University, further enhancing her professional acumen. Prior to her invaluable role at MFTC, Mrs. Darugar amassed extensive experience during her tenure at Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank, where she specialized in trade finance and treasury. Her illustrious career and deep industry knowledge make her a valuable asset to our team, ensuring that we continue to excel in financial services and trade operations.

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