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MFTC Agro Technologies offers comprehensive services encompassing hybrid seed sowing, cultivation, harvesting, and the production of premium-quality rice under it own brand, Naubahar.

In collaboration with Wuhan Qingfa Hesheng Seed, Meskay & Femtee Trading Company (Pvt.) Ltd (MFTC) has established two private research centers dedicated to coarse-variety hybrid rice. The first, spanning 200 acres, is located in Taluka Golarchi within District Badin, a region recognized for its optimal climate for rice seed production. The second is a 14-acre experimental research station situated in Lodra, District Shikarpur.

MFTC proudly introduces high-quality hybrid rice seeds, including IQS398, IQS749, and IQS938, under the brand name, Naubahar.

Explore how MFTC Agro Technologies is at the forefront of agricultural innovation, delivering excellence in hybrid seed research and rice production.

Naubahar Super Hybrid Seed

Premium hybrid seeds, ensuring abundant harvests with superior quality for sustainable and thriving agriculture.

Product Name

Naubahar Anti Lodging Seed

Preventing crop lodging, promoting robust and upright plant growth for optimal yields.

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Naubahar Heat Resistance Seed

Ensuring optimal performance even in challenging high-temperature environments.

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Helping Farmers Grow & Prosper

In our commitment to supporting farmers’ growth and prosperity, MFTC Agro Technologies has forged a strategic joint venture in breeding and seed distribution with Qingfa China. This collaboration not only enhances our agricultural capabilities but also ensures access to cutting-edge technologies and superior seed varieties. Together, we strive to empower farmers with the tools they need for sustainable and thriving agriculture.

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