Farm to plate, delivering excellence in every grain

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Expanding Agricultural Horizons

Since 2018, MFTC has embarked on an ambitious journey, reshaping its supply chain to encompass a comprehensive range of agricultural services. Our expanded operations now encompass seed import and production, farming, farmer extension services, and the mechanization of various crucial aspects of farming, including land preparation, crop establishment, nutrient management, crop health, harvesting, and post-harvest support. Moreover, we've made substantial investments in understanding and enhancing our expertise in farm irrigation, drainage, and soil management. These strategic efforts underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering consistent quality, bridging the gap from farm to plate.

Partnering with Farmers for Mutual Growth

At MFTC, we’re dedicated to cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with the very source of our products—the farmers. Our specialized unit, Mechanized Agricultural Operations (MAO), offers farming machinery rental services, complemented by a team of expert professionals providing invaluable agricultural extension services. This synergy positions us as the ideal supply chain partner for clients across all levels.

Investing in Farming Excellence

With over 8,200 acres of leased farmland and an additional 75 acres dedicated to seed production, we aspire to become true partners to our farmers. Our commitment extends beyond the boundaries of traditional business relationships—we’re here to support and empower farmers, fostering their growth and prosperity. In return, their success fuels our ability to produce the finest quality products for both local and international customers.

From Farm to Plate: A Holistic Approach

At MFTC, we embrace the “farm to plate” philosophy at our core. Our endeavor is to integrate every stage of the agricultural process within our company’s fold. As a testament to this commitment, we’ve established two state-of-the-art paddy husking units, each with a 10-ton capacity, in Larkana and Shikarpur. These cutting-edge Buhler plants exemplify our dedication to excellence.

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Efficient Procurement Solutions

At MFTC, we offer reliable and efficient procurement solutions tailored to various industries. Our experienced procurement team excels in sourcing top-tier products at competitive prices, ensuring punctual deliveries and streamlined supply chain management. We collaborate closely with our clients to grasp their unique requirements and provide customized solutions that align with their needs. Armed with a robust network of suppliers and a commitment to excellence, our aim is to become your trusted partner for all your procurement demands.

Diverse Grain Procurement

MFTC’s strategic presence extends to the Sindh and Punjab provinces, strategically positioning us to procure premium rice, guar, corn, and wheat from prime growing regions. In addition, our dedicated procurement entity, Tabaar, and the MFTC Guar Division’s procurement department, in conjunction with an extensive network of brokers and traders, excel at aggregating grains from across the country to ensure unwavering quality for end consumers.

Rice Sourcing Expertise

Tabaar specializes in direct sourcing, whether at the farm, mill, or farmer’s rice markets scattered across the rice belts in Punjab and Sindh, Pakistan. Leveraging Pakistan’s versatile processing capabilities, Tabaar procures and supplies un-milled and milled superior Pakistani Basmati, IRRI-6, and various hybrid rice grains. Tabaar also efficiently delivers an array of processed rice by-products to meet diverse market demands.

Guar Seed Excellence

Our procurement offices in the Sindh and Punjab provinces empower us to secure the finest guar seeds from thriving regions. Brokers and farmers provide us with top-tier seeds, subject to stringent quality control and supervision by guar gum‘s procurement experts, ensuring the procurement of only the highest quality seeds.

Top-Quality Wheat Procurement

Tabaar’s procurement specialists fully grasp the requirements of flour millers and wheat exporters. This dedicated team takes pride in sourcing premium-quality wheat, catering to the industry’s need for timely access to high-quality protein-enriched wheat, in the precise quantities required, wherever it’s needed.

Corn Procurement Excellence

Corn and its derivatives play a crucial role in the cereal, beverage, and snacks industries, serving as a dietary staple across various cultures in Pakistan and around the world. Tabaar is dedicated to sourcing textured, graded, meticulously cleaned, and inspected corn that precisely meets your requirements. We guarantee the secure delivery of this commodity to your doorstep.

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Grain Processing Excellence

At MFTC, we've refined the art of grain processing to perfection. Our state-of-the-art Port Bin Qasim facility in Karachi, spanning 30 sprawling acres in the North-Eastern Zone, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. It houses advanced milling and warehousing facilities, propelling our grain processing capabilities to new heights. Our facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology and machinery, meticulously designed to ensure precision and efficiency at every step. With a skilled team of experts at the helm, we're dedicated to delivering top-tier grain processing solutions.

Leading the Way in Rice Processing

MFTC proudly leads the rice processing industry in Pakistan, utilizing Buhler S6 and A5 color sorters and Carter Day length graders. Our efficient operations consistently achieve capacity gains, allowing us to operate 1 to 2 MTs above rated capacities for each machine in the system. In addition to our Port Bin Qasim facility, we operate mills in upper Sindh, including Shikarpur and Larkana, each boasting 9,000 MTs storage units and designated Chinese hybrid rice cultivation areas. In Punjab, MFTC operates a mill processing 200 MTs per day on 5 acres with 4,000 MTs of storage capacity.

Quality Assurance in Every Step

MFTC upholds rigorous quality standards throughout the milling process, overseen by our qualified inspectors at our state-of-the-art mills. We process our products using internationally recognized, state-of-the-art machinery to ensure consistent quality with every batch. As the exclusive processor for the entire range of Basmati Rice by Jazaa Foods, a globally distributed high-end product series by the late and renowned Mr. Junaid Jamshed, we take pride in delivering excellence to discerning customers.

Guar Processing Expertise

In 2016, MFTC ventured into Guar Splits manufacturing, now equipped with the capacity to produce fast-hydrating and food-grade Guar Gum. Our specialized mills and infrastructure, customized by Indian engineers, enable us to process 30 tons of Guar Gum daily. We’ve allocated substantial resources to ongoing milling research, ensuring a consistent quality of guar splits and related products.

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Preserving Freshness in Each Grain

At MFTC, we are experts in preserving the freshness and quality of grains through meticulous packaging solutions. Our team of seasoned professionals understands the unique requirements of grain packaging and offers tailored solutions to ensure your products arrive in perfect condition.

Specialized Grain Packaging

Whether you need specialized grain bags, moisture-resistant packaging, or custom labeling for grains, we provide a variety of options designed specifically for these products.

Guar Gum Packaging Excellence

For guar gum, we offer dedicated packaging solutions, including moisture-resistant bags and custom labeling, all crafted to meet your precise specifications. Trust us to safeguard the quality of your guar gum with precision packaging.

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Efficient In-House Storage Solutions

At MFTC, we've perfected the art of in-house grain storage, ensuring the security and quality of our products. Our team of experienced warehouse professionals is committed to providing reliable and efficient storage services that meet our specific requirements. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of our inventory and strive to ensure that our products are readily available when needed.

Dedicated Grain Warehousing

Meskay & Femtee Trading Company (Pvt.) Ltd has allocated 15 acres of land at Port Bin Qasim for two purpose-built warehouses. These state-of-the-art facilities are well-ventilated and maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness. Together, they offer an impressive storage capacity ranging from 85,000 to 95,000 metric tons, accommodating raw materials and finished goods across various varieties.

Cutting-Edge Silo Storage

Our commitment to excellence extends to our Dehsetiler, GSI, and Obiyal silos, which surpass conventional silos in terms of steel grade, design, structure, performance, and durability. These silos provide MFTC with an impressive capacity exceeding 50,000 metric tons for grain storage. Engineered to withstand earthquakes, wind storms, and other environmental challenges, they ensure the safety and integrity of our products. MFTC’s expert team proficiently manages, monitors, and controls the storage of a wide range of products, including Semi Milled Rice, Milled Rice, Brown Rice, and various by-products. Our advanced storage management systems enable us to efficiently accommodate both short and long-term storage needs.

Expanded Facilities for Your Convenience

We continue to expand our facilities to better serve our operations. In Dhabeji, District Thatta, we offer an 8,000 metric ton storage facility with all the necessary amenities. Additionally, we have a commercial plot at Port Bin Qasim to further enhance our storage capabilities.

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Global Export Excellence

At MFTC, our global reach extends to over 140 destinations across Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe, and the Americas, including North and South America. We take immense pride in our role as a key supplier of quality rice to various government organizations such as COFCO International (Beijing) Ltd, the Ministry of Food – Government of Bangladesh, Ministry of Trade, Grain Board – Government of Iraq, the Philippines National Food Authority (NFA), and the Indonesian Bureau of Logistics (BULOG).

Our robust logistics capabilities shine brightest when it comes to the efficient shipment of rice and a wide array of grains. We’ve fine-tuned our processes to ensure that the journey from our facilities to global destinations is seamless and dependable. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence, which permeates every aspect of our operations. From sourcing the finest grains to implementing sustainable practices, we leave no stone unturned to maintain the highest quality standards throughout the supply chain. This dedication has solidified our position as the top choice for global logistics within the rice and grain industry, assuring our clients of reliability, consistency, and excellence in every shipment.

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Leading the Way in Agricultural Innovation

Engaging in innovative agri-research is at the core of our mission, driven by the firm belief that sustainable and efficient agriculture is paramount for both people and the planet's wellbeing. We invite you to get in touch with us today to delve deeper into our agri-research initiatives. Let's explore how we can collaborate to revolutionize the agriculture industry.


In partnership with the Wuhan Qingfa Hesheng Seed Company, MFTC is dedicated to producing premium hybrid rice seeds for rice farmers. As pioneers in this field, we’ve established two private coarse-variety hybrid rice research centers. The first, a 200-acre farm in Taluka Golarchi, District Badin, boasts an ideal climate for rice seed production. The second, a 14-acre experimental research station in Lodra, District Shikarpur, allows us to push the boundaries of research. Our high-quality hybrid rice seeds, IQS398, IQS749, and IQS938, proudly carry the trademark brand name Naubahar.